Zelensky ofrece ciudadanía múltiple para reponer a los soldados muertos: la historia de un hombre reclutado

PREGUNTA: ¿Por qué alguien querría literalmente arriesgar su vida para vivir en un país devastado por la guerra?

RESPUESTA: El presidente Volodymyr Zelensky ofrece la ciudadanía a TODOS los ucranianos étnicos, a menos que vivan en Rusia. Zelensky está implementando una legislación que permitirá a los ucranianos que viven en el extranjero obtener ciudadanía múltiple.

La declaración se hizo en honor de los 105th aniversario del Día de la Unidad de Ucrania:

“Todos los que tienen sangre ucraniana en las venas y un corazón libre que late en el pecho. Ucranianos de origen, que durante mucho tiempo han demostrado que son ucranianos de espíritu. Y después de muchos años de espera, finalmente deberían convertirse en ucranianos con pasaporte. A nivel legislativo. Hoy presento a la Rada Suprema un proyecto de ley clave que permitirá la adopción de enmiendas legislativas integrales y la introducción de la ciudadanía múltiple”.

También agregó: “Y permitirá que todos los ucranianos étnicos y sus descendientes de todo el mundo tengan nuestra ciudadanía. Por supuesto, excepto los ciudadanos del país agresor..” Por lo tanto, no será necesario realizar una prueba de ascendencia para saber si alguien es ucraniano, ya que no sería diferente de la sangre rusa. En opinión de Zelensky, cualquiera que quiera LUCHAR puede convertirse en ucraniano.

Voluntarios extranjeros que tomaron las armas para defender Ucrania, todos aquellos que luchan por la libertad de Ucrania como si fuera su patria. Y Ucrania se convertirá en tal para ellos. Para todos los que puedan sentir que “estar en Ucrania” significa “estar en casa”. No como turistas, sino como ciudadanos. Ciudadanos de una Ucrania grande, unida y única”.

Así que ahora puedes IDENTIFICARTE como ucraniano para recibir la ciudadanía si estás dispuesto a luchar. Como ucraniano, puedes pagar impuestos para apoyar a un gobierno que depende completamente de la ayuda estadounidense para mantenerse a flote.

El quid de la cuestión es que a Zelensky se le están acabando los combatientes. Otro lector compartió conmigo una publicación de Reddit hace unas semanas titulada: «No quiero ir a la guerra y no puedo escapar».

“I'm a 30-year-old guy living in Ukraine. Despite all of the shortcomings of this country, I still feel that this is my home, and for the past years, I've always wanted to live here. Life here had and still has many positives too.

Now the war is raging with absolutely no end in sight. The first year and a half I didn't feel the urge to fight, but I didn't want to run away either, thinking that if it does come to it and I get drafted, I'll just accept it. I didn't want to bribe to become unfit or even look for other ways to avoid the draft. Now, with the state the war is in, especially after my friend who went there willingly last year told me not to go, I decided that I should try to actively avoid it. However, bribes to become unfit are no longer an option and there are little to no ways that would allow me to be exempt legally.

The new draft law is on the way. It would oblige all men eligible for service to update their information in the military offices. In case you don't do that or in case you do, get a draft notice and don't show, you will have your driver's license revoked, bank accounts blocked, get prohibited from buying or selling property, and that's not even the full list.

The option to get a 'one-way ticket' is still on the table. A lot of people who have done this hope to return when the war is over. You leave the country legally but simply don't come back in time. At least at the moment, it's just an administrative offense, not a criminal one.

Even if I do decide to proceed with this option, I'd probably hope to come back as well, and what kind of life is that. I don't have any relatives abroad, just some friends, I'm single, so I will have to start on my own. A few years back I had been traveling abroad alone for 9 months, so I know how it feels being far away from home on your own. I work remotely and make decent enough money, I have savings, so it's definitely possible, but leaving everything behind for an undetermined period of time is still difficult. But planning any kind of future here is virtually impossible as well.

Also, as I said, this is my home, and terrible things will happen to it if everybody just runs away and there's no one left to defend it. But dying in a ditch because some soviet-era commander doesn't value human lives just seems so horrible. I know it's not the only scenario, but it's still a very plausible one.

But many of my friends have already left, many are planning to, so I'm slowly ending up more and more alone here.

It's such a tough decision to make and the more I wait, the harder this all gets.


I'll post some additional thoughts here based on some replies since there are way to many comments for me to be able to respond to them. I'll try to be as honest as possible.

- First of all, thank you everyone for your replies and your sympathies. This is an impossible choice to make and I wish I'd never had to. Many of you have said that whatever I do, it will be a right choice. But in the same way any choice I make will also be the wrong one. And any choice I make with a high degree of certainty will be something I at least partially regret until the end of my life.

- There's no such thing as a conscientious objection here.

- Getting a 'support' role is highly unlikely. If we're talking about the military, you are first and foremost a resource and you'll be utilized where you're needed most. Vast majority of loses occur in the active roles, so these are the positions that need to be replenished the most. I even heard a story of a pediatric surgeon who was designated to be not a combat medic, but an infantry man, since those are in the highest demand. Right now we're only starting to see the development of the system to create a possibility to 'choose' your position and place of service (including the ones in the rear). But as of now military service is indefinite and even if that works, it's still a post-soviet army in a big way, and there's no guarantee you won't be transferred to an active role in the future when someone deems it necessary. Also, currently it's obvious that the state does not have much interest in or enough resources for caring about wounded soldiers. In a huge way, once something happens to you, in a big way you're on your own and your only hope is your own resources or volunteers. And that, of course, is not sufficient to help everybody.

- I personally do believe this war is morally justified and existential for us. Yes, this is a failure of politics and politicians: Russia with its imperialism, the West with their inability to act after giving Ukraine guarantees of safety in 1994 and their leniency towards Russia, us with our naivety and short-sightedness. The immaturity of Ukrainian nation has also played its role here. However, for Ukraine this is not a war for resources or Zelensky. It's a war for existence.

- Advocating for peace talks is very unlikely to bear any results in the foreseeable future. There's no way to negotiate with someone who doesn't want to negotiate. Putin believes he can outlast us and the West in the war of attrition, get more territory, and achieve more of his goals, he doesn't care about the lives lost, so there's no reason for him to stop. At the very best there can be a pause that he will use to rearm and attack again with a new force. The only way this can be stopped is with force and deterrence.

- That being said, I'm not trying to paint my desire to leave as anything but concern for my personal safety. A lot of people who have commented believe that's justifiable. And I partly agree. A lot of people on the other hand believe that this is cowardice. And I partly agree with that as well. It's either you believe that you have a right to live your life and that it is precious, or that you have a duty that you never willingly took to give that life for a country where you happened to be born a male.

- There's no need to judge the whole of the Ukrainian nation by my character. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have willingly taken arms and sacrificed their own health and lives. There are many more who are ready to do that when the time comes.”

Es difícil envidiar la posición de este hombre. Debe elegir entre una guerra violenta y sangrienta o abandonar su hogar. Lamentablemente, a él y a la mayoría de los demás se les hizo creer que la paz no era una opción. Putin ha ofrecido a Zelensky innumerables oportunidades para poner fin a la guerra, pero siempre opta por amplificar las tensiones involucrando a sus neoconservadores de la OTAN. Menciona que la objeción de conciencia no es una opción para los ucranianos.

El póster original arroja luz sobre la terrible situación en el frente. “Incluso escuché la historia de un cirujano pediátrico que fue designado no para ser médico de combate, sino soldado de infantería, ya que esos son los más solicitados”, escribió. Simplemente no hay suficientes hombres para cubrir la tasa de reabastecimiento debido al elevado número de bajas.

Hay comentarios que llaman cobarde a este hombre y afirman que es su deber patriótico quedarse y luchar en lo que él percibe como “una guerra sin fin”. Estas son las personas que optarán por abandonar sus países de origen y aceptar la ciudadanía múltiple en Ucrania. Creen que están librando una guerra entre el bien y el mal, como frecuentemente lo considera Zelensky.

Las personas que viven en condiciones horribles en otros países pueden simplemente venir a Estados Unidos ahora, donde las fronteras están abiertas, y recibirán una vida subsidiada por los contribuyentes. Si los neoconservadores quieren aprovecharse de los desesperados, cierren las fronteras con Estados Unidos, Canadá y Europa. No sé quién tomaría la decisión de entrar en una guerra en nombre de una nación extranjera por cualquier motivo que no sea desesperación o locura.

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